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Fundamentals of Climate Risk Management

In this course, we discuss the impact of climate change on business and risk management activities including areas like strategic planning, risk assessment, credit risk modelling and stress testing.

About This Course

The changing climate is already impacting lives of millions of people and operations of thousands of businesses around the world. And with the businesses, also the financial institutions are feeling the first impact of climate change in their portfolios and balance sheets. Climate Risks are source of financial risks, require special consideration and are already getting increasing attention from regulators around the globe.

In this course, we start by covering the key facts about Climate Change and its implications on people, business models of firms and on portfolios of financial institutions around the world. We then review the recent and relevant developments in the Climate Change movements, political arena and business strategies of the leading firms. After setting the scene we introduce the key concepts of Climate Risk Management and explore the main aspects of physical and transitional climate risk drivers. Then we touch upon the extensive regulatory activities and guidelines and move into climate risk measurement and modeling . Here we elaborate on carbon measurement, climate data , impact on traditional credit risk models, ECL calculations and model risk management . As a next step we move on to the forward-looking aspects of Climate Risk Management and forecasting, in particular diving into Climate Risk Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis which are crucial for sustainable business steering . We will conclude our course by zooming into climate risk disclosure and reporting initiatives and discuss their relevance for climate risk measurement and modelling.

The course features more than 4 hours of video lectures , more than 50 control test questions, and includes real-life examples of methodologies and frameworks used in the industry combined with 80+ references to relevant background materials for further studies. A certificate signed by the instructor is provided upon successful completion.

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The enrollment fee for this course is EUR 250 (VAT excl.) per participant. Payments are securely handled by PayPal. If you are a company in the European Union, then we can apply VAT reverse charge. For this, please mail your VAT number to Part of our course revenue is used towards funding organizations involvement in protecting and cleaning our oceans. See our about page to learn more about our mission statement.

After enrollment, participants will get 1 year unlimited access to all course material (videos, quizzes and certificate).

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Instructor
    • Course Outline
    • Course Overview
    • Disclaimer
  • Climate Change Facts
    • Climate Change Facts
    • Beyond Temperature
    • Quiz
  • Climate Change Impact
    • Climate Change Impact
    • Climate Risk
    • Quiz
  • Climate Change Movements
    • Climate Change Movements
    • Governmental Actions
    • Global Initiatives
    • Quiz
  • Carbon Net Strategies
    • Carbon Net Strategies
    • Industry Examples
    • Quiz
  • Climate Risk Management
    • Climate Risk Management
    • From Climate to Financial Risks
    • Quiz
  • Regulations and Compliance
    • Climate Risk Regulators
    • Climate Risk Regulatory Expectations
    • Quiz
  • Risk Measurement and Modelling
    • Climate Risk Measurement
    • Climate Risk Assessment
    • Climate Risk Modeling
    • Quiz
  • Risk Pricing and Model Risk Management
    • Loan Pricing and Risk Costs
    • Climate Risk Lessons Learned from Pandemic
    • Loan Loss Provisioning (ECL) in uncertain times
    • Model Risk Management and Climate Risk
    • Climate Risk and Advanced Analytics
    • Quiz
  • Stress Testing and Scenario Analysis
    • What is vs What if
    • Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing
    • Climate Scenarios
    • Climate Risk Stress Testing Demo
    • Quiz
  • Climate Disclosures
    • TCFD Disclosures
    • Sustainability Reporting
    • EU Taxonomy and ESG disclosures
    • Quiz
  • Final Quiz

Course Staff

Peter Plochan

Peter Plochan

Peter was born in Martin in Slovakia on 13th of December 1982. As he grew up, he developed his survival and creativity skills early on, mainly to deal with his 4 brothers & 4 sisters. That could be also one of the reasons behind his relocation to Amsterdam for 12 years. Besides speaking decent Dutch, which is often subject of numerous jokes, Peter is happy to chat also in English, Slovak, Czech and in limited “Peter” version of Portuguese / Spanish. In order to escape reality, Peter enjoys science-fiction & fantasy and whether it is a good book, decent movie or an addicting game, they all do the job nicely. To challenge his body and stimulate his brain Peter loves to train Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art), do Thai-Boxing and to perform regularly as part of the Funnylicious Improvisation Comedy theatre group.. Peter lives now back in Slovakia, just outside of Bratislava togethert with his wife and little princess daughter Lea.

Peter has a finance background (Master’s degree in Banking) and is certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) with 14+ years of experience in risk management in financial sector. He has assisted various banking and insurance institutions with large-scale risk management implementations while holding both internal and also external (PwC) risk management advisory roles. Peter joined SAS in 2014, and supports now SAS risk management activities across EMEA and serves as a global acting domain expert - leveraging the latest trends in risk analytics and technology with his deep risk management and finance expertise.

Peter also acts as the Risk Management trainer for PRMIA (Professional Risk Management International Association) and other organizations where he develops and delivers trainings on Model Risk Management, IFRS 9, ERM and Stress Testing and Climate Risk. Peter regularly speaks and presents at risk events / webinar and publishes risk management thought leadership materials (list of publications here ).